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he’s like a cute puppy ♥;

he literally IS a cute puppy


Title: Lips

Pair: Suho/D.O.


"i wonder what you’ll do to me if i lick my lips while we’re shooting," kyungsoo smirks at junmyeon. the latter gives him a surprised look, a brow raised, although his eyes spell excitement. he gulps.

"you like my lips," kyungsoo continues. "i think you told me that… wait you always tell me that."


"don’t lick your lips," junmyeon commands although it actually sounds like a plead. "not on cam," he continues.


kyungsoo snickers. he likes it when the older is flustered and nervous and uneasy when he does things that send him on the edge of his self-control. so he pulls junmyeon, their faces too close they practically breathe on each other. kyungsoo makes one slow grin and his tongue is out, the tip of it touching a small part of junmyeon’s lips. he moves it to the side until both their lips are wet.


junmyeon gulps again. he thinks this is definitely the worst thing kyungsoo can do before they shoot an interview. and the fact that they’ll be sitting next to each other doesn’t even help at all. he gasps though when kyungsoo plants a quick kiss on his mouth. “let’s go hyung. shooting starts in a minute,” kyungsoo says.


junmyeon stays in his place, stunned, a tongue licking his lower lip to feel a taste of kyungsoo’s mouth. just a bit of it will do, he thinks. “jesus christ,” he mumbles, heaving a sigh as he catches up with kyungsoo’s pace. when he manages, he quickly grabs kyungsoo by the arm, pulling him close to his side and whispers. “you don’t tease me like that, do kyungsoo.”


kyungsoo laughs. “it’s okay. i know the consequences.”


junmyeon smirks. “very good.”

kyungsoo helps putting on joonmyun’s headset